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Many patients suffer from ‘impacted’ wisdom teeth, where the teeth are not growing correctly – pushing and damaging on other teeth. In most cases it is recommended that impacted wisdom teeth are removed to prevent future complications.

Some of the typical complications caused by wisdom teeth are shown below.


When an impacted wisdom tooth starts to push through the gums, an infection can start around the top of the tooth. Infection and inflamation (swailen red gums) can cause pain, swelling and jaw stiffness.


A wisdom tooth may push nearby teeth out of their correct position and may help to cause crowding of front teeth.


Sacs of fluid called cysts can form around the tooth and may displace the teeth. The cysts can destroy bone and damage other teeth and gums.

Damage to Nearby Molars

An impacted wisdom tooth may keep pushing against the molars next to it. This often leads to serious damage o both teeth.

It’s not necessary for you to get your wisdom teeth removed if they are correctly positioned in your mouth and do not cause any pain or dental problems.

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